Amazon s 3D Smartphone Could Possibly Have Dolby 3D Type Technology

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Yesterday, May 9, 2013 the Wall Street Journal (by Greg Bensinger) and Apple Insider reported on a revolutionary development coming to smartphones: the 3D screen or interface. The development was related by "an anonymous source" that this 3D smartphone may first are derived from Amazon. So far, the expansion is not appearing within their PR page. The first 3D interface smartphone is said to be under development at Amazon's Lab126.
Bensinger tells us that (see the WSJ video) images will "appear like holograms floating above the screen". A further first feature may be the ability to eye-scroll the screen (see also this content on Samsung's eye-scrolling technology for smartphones). The folks with the WSJ feel that Amazon is taking care of these developments (in a very crowded hardware market) to tackle Apple. However, reports on Kindle phones have yet being seen? No Apple 3D tools are appearing for the Google News radar today.
For more info on ket noi to duyen visit our website. The "anonymous source" did say the Amazon 3D smartphone project might get pulled because of a number of limitations - such as the cost. Outside critics have previously begun to chirp up too (start to see the embedded Newsy video) about problems observed in similar 3D gaming devices. But glasses free 3D television is looking to get somewhat successful - couldn't these critics utilize existing 3D glassless TV tech as a benchmark? A search of YouTube will take you the voice and image of a minimum of James Cameron for this subject.
Mr. Cameron said (just last month) that no-glasses 3D tech will be arriving at "smartphones as well as other devices". You may even see him (in association with Dolby Labs and CPG) in the video James Cameron - 3D Revolution Began without having glasses (credit: 3DFULLHD). The gentleman from Dolby reports that 3D TV, smartphones and devices will operate using lenticular lens arrays with algorithms and so are developed to possess a "low cost impact". 3D content is just not a problem either as Dolby is rolling out it because of this new and (possibly) emerging ecosystem branch of technology. The multi-views essential for an Amazon or any other 3D smartphone display could be supplied by Dolby 3D.